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We take your .psd, slice it and write the code so that it works as a fully working webpage. The code we return to you is always valid and tableless (using div tags rather than tables for positioning). Before any of our work is delivered to our clients we always ensure that the finished webpage displays as intended in all the major browsers, including the notorious IE6! In addition to all of this great attention is given to writing code so that the end product webpage is search engine friendly and loads as fast as possible into the browser. Place your order here!>>

PSD to Joomla template

We take your .psd and prepare it so that it works as a Joomla template. Of course before delivering the finished product to you the client we ensure it works fully in a Joomla environment. As standard we code for version 1.5 of Joomla however if you are running version 1.0 and wish your template to be coded accordingly simply let us know and we'll gladly oblige. In addition to this we offer one month of free after sales support and any other help needed where Joomla is concerned. Place your order here!>>

PSD to Wordpress theme

We take your .psd and prepare it so that it works as a Wordpress theme. We will fully test the finished product in our own instance of Wordpress before delivering the files to you. The code we write will be fully " widgetized " allowing you to run widgets such as calendar, blogroll etc. Additionally we offer one month of free after sales support should you need any help with anything. Place your order here!>>

Dynamic elements / JavaScript / JQuery

We can incorporate dynamic elements such as drop down menus, sliding panels, tool tips etc. into any of above mentioned. We are skilled in using JQuery, the popular javascript library which can achieve all sorts of effects and functionality. Once we know your exact requirements we'll quote you a charge as an extra on top of the main price although you'll find our charges to be most reasonable. Simply let us know your requirements via the comments field on the order form. Once again we will provide you with detailed advice and support if needed after having delivered the files to you.