This is the services which for the purpose of this demo in the portfolio has been set within WordPress to be the default page.  In this example WordPress is being used as a regular CMS as opposed to blogging software.


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Pay Per Click Campaigns: Manage Well To Yield Grand Results

Over a period of time, pay-per-click marketing techniques and advertising campaigns have become the most-sought after ways to get great traffic in a stipulated time period. Leading search engines have been experiencing great changes, as far as implementation of PPC strategies is concerned. Besides giving a sudden boost to traffic, PPC campaigns also enable you to [...]

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Does Social Bookmarking Really Help?

Ever tried to send a letter to your friend or family member and included a link that would lead them to a particular website you wanted them to access? You have basically tried on social bookmarking. Then, what is social bookmarking? When you tag a particular website and save it to be used later, we say [...]

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