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PSD to Joomla template

The service that we offer here is in taking your .PSD and preparing it so that it works as a template in the Joomla content management system. We have much experience in this and will implement the typical Joomla modules at the positions where you wanted them to be. As standard we code for version 1.5 of Joomla but will gladly code for version 1.0 if that's what you are running, simply let us know in your accompanying comments when placing your order.

In addition to all of this we can implement dynamic elements onto the page such as dropdown menus, sliding panels, tool tips. The fee for this will be quoted as an extra on top of the main price once you let us know your requirements. Simply let us know via the comments field on the order form. Additionally you'll find our charges to be most reasonable. Of course our code is fully tested and commented before being delivered to you the client and one month of free after sales support is offered in the event of you requiring any further assistance. Our basic PSD to Joomla service is normally completed within 3 working days at the competetive price of $110.00.

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