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The service we offer you is to take your .PSD file, slice it and write the code in order to make it a fully working webpage. The highest care is taken to write code that is semantic, clearly commented and easy for you to read through. All our code id tableless using div tags. Every page we code is validated by the W3 standards and fully tested in all the major browsers....including the notorious IE6. We will also write code that is fully optimised for the page being search engine friendly and fast loading. This service is normally completed within 24 working hours and costs just $69.00 for the initial page and $40.00 for any subpages.

In addition to all of this we can also incorporate dynamic elements onto the page such as drop down menus, sliding panels, tool tips etc. The fee for this will be quoted as an extra once when know your exact requirements, simply let us know the details when placing your order by completing the comments / instructions field. We'll also mention how nod doubt you'll find our charges very reasonable.

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