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Please note if you have a question that is not answered here you can get in touch using any of the methods as mentioned on our contact page.

What turnaround do you offer?
We offer a turnaround of between one and four working days depending on the service you require. For example PSD to XHTML - 24 working hours, PSD to Joomla template - up to 3 working days, PSD to Wordpress theme - up to 4 working days...however in each case the work is often completed much sooner.

You've began work on our project but now we want to change the design slightly
We pride ourselves on our customer service and accomodating our customers as much as possible. Essentially if a situation like this arises please contact us and we can discuss a way forward.

How does ordering work?
Simply you would complete the form found here. You can either upload a copy of your .PSD or provide with a URL of where it can be downloaded. (If you wish to take advantage of the first option and you have more than one .PSD file please and for that matter fonts you would like to provide us with please package them up in a .zip or .rar folder.) After having submitted the form the price you will be invited to pay a deposit of 50% of the main price (in US dollars) via Paypal. You will receive confirmation by email and we will begin work on your project. In the event of there being anything that needs to be discussed we will contact you. Once your project is completed we will email you a Paypal link where by you are able to pay the remainder of your total bill you will be emailed a link to a password protected page where you are able to download the files making up your converted project.

Why should I pay for a service like yours instead of using a software like Sitegrinder?
Whilst softwares like Sitegrinder do indeed convert a PSD file into a webpage you have to remember that you will end up with code generated by a computer program rather than handwritten by a person with years of experience. As with computer programs that translate text from a foreign language what you would end up with is so often far from perfect compared to if you had the same text tanslated by a professional translator. So it's the same with web coding....the human touch will ensure that the page works correctly in all browsers and is done to the highest standard and is just all round a better choice.

To what extent do you test your final code?
All code is thoroughly tested in all the major browsers and run through validity tests by before being dispatched to the client.

What is the XHTML 1.0 Strict Doctype?
"XHTML 1.0 Strict" is one of several "Document Type Definitions" (DTD for short). A DTD is essentially a set of rules and it's these rules that are used when your document is being validated. A computer program would analyse your code to see if it meets with the rules for the particular DTD that you would have specified in your code. If it does validate then it's compliant and meets with the standards set by the W3 Standards Organisation ( As for how you specify a particular's done using the DOCTYPE declaration at the beginning of your code. Specifically the XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD is used when the code is free from any of html's presentational features.

Will you sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA)?
Yes of course. Your privacy is something we respect entirely.